a storm gathered, yet the sky was clear. (cheshire_girl) wrote in bloomington,
a storm gathered, yet the sky was clear.

Hair salon

I checked the memories and it looks like all the salon-related posts are from 2005 and 2006. So! Anyone have recent recommendations for a women's haircut, under $50, in the next week? I'm leaving town for good next Sunday, and I need to get a haircut before then.

Last time I went to Mira, I had Leigh, and she did a good job, but I'd be curious if you all like other stylists there (I have heard good things about Jackie and Nicole?), or have better salon recommendations.

Random note: has anyone seen a stylist around town named Russell (I don't know his last name)? He's a middle-aged man with graying black hair...For awhile I was following him to different cheap salons--the man did wonders with my hair. But he disappeared--so, if anyone has any idea of his work-related whereabouts, I'd appreciate it!

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